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Adding a Room to Your Home | Bonita Springs Remodeling


As Bonita Springs remodeling specialists, we’ve helped countless clients renovate and remodel their homes, from revamping their bathrooms to putting new countertops in their kitchens. Many projects consist of homeowners reworking their existing floor space and turning what already exists into something better.

But occasionally, homeowners want to take it to another level and enlarge their homes by adding square footage – and that means adding a new room.

Here is a quick primer on adding another room to your existing home to expand your space.

What You’ll Need First

When you decide to add a new room, you are essentially engaging in new construction. This means going through an entirely different process from simply redoing a bathroom.

You’ll first need to have your remodeling partner check zoning and regulations with your permitting agency. You may need a variance if your planned new construction is within a certain number of feet from your neighbor’s property line. There are also codes involved when you complete an addition.

It is also wise to check with your HOA (home owners association) to be sure there aren’t any restrictions in the rules of the subdivision.

This is typically done with a design feasibility study. Your contractor or design professional can help you through this process.

Once you clear those hurdles, you’ll need construction ready drawings for your addition, even if it’s just adding a small room, such as a bathroom. Construction ready drawings include all engineering to make sure the structure will be built to code. These are also the drawings that help ensure good pricing from all the trade partners working with your remodeling contractor.


Understanding the Process

Contractors follow the same process in adding a new room as they do in remodeling.

First there is time devoted to getting the design right. Having your contractor and design professional working together, during this phase, helps to keep things moving along. In addition, this can keep things realistic for budget purposes. Your contractor can tell you if something that it being designed might be out of reach for your budget.

All materials should be selected in advance of pricing for a fixed price contract. This gives you the best option for knowing the costs of the project before it gets started.

There are several other trade partners that work with your remodelling contractor when it comes to an addition. The addition of excavation and concrete as well as framing, and roofing come into play on an addition project. Consideration needs to be made for landscaping replacement as well

If you are adding a room by building out, instead of building up, you can usually still live in your home during the construction process. Time varies by how many rooms you’re adding and how big your rooms are and the complexity of the build-out, but your average project is finished in a matter of several weeks.

Should You Do It Yourself?

There are remodeling projects you can do on your own, but unless you have extensive experience in the industry – i.e. you’ve worked as a contractor – it is highly recommended to hire a Bonita Springs remodeling specialist to do the work for you.

Even adding a small family room is an undertaking with a lot of moving pieces. Plus, you want the job done right, with care and precision. For that reason, while it may be tempting to want to do it yourself, it’s better to entrust your room addition to a trusted partner.