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Finding Clever Home Remodeling Ideas | Bonita Springs Remodeling


Want to remodel your home, but aren’t sure what to do? Want something that is really creative, something that is imaginative that will make your guests’ jaws drop?

You’re in good company. Most homeowners all crave great inspiration and ideas for their Bonita Springs home remodeling projects. But it can be hard to figure out what to do – especially when you want to be really clever.

We’re here to help. Here are a few clever home remodeling ideas that will have your guests admiring your handiwork whenever they come over to visit.

Use Your Stairway to Your Advantage

A stairway serves just one purpose: getting you from one level to the other.

Or does it?

One clever idea involves using the stairway as storage. There are generally a few ways do to this. You can install pull-out drawers in the side of your staircase that fit underneath the steps and can be used to store anything from shoes to books, tools, toys, wine – virtually anything you can think of.

You can also go a step further and create a trap door storage pit underneath your stairs. How do you access it? It’s simple – just pull up on the stairs themselves to reveal a door that you can raise and lower as needed.


Install Accordion Doors and Windows

Here in Southwest Florida, we love our weather. Why not bring the weather indoors?

Consider installing accordion windows and doors that fold in on themselves. This allows you to open up any externally-facing room to the elements just by pulling back the windows (and doors). You can instantly open up any room and let the breeze flow in.

Take it a step further by making an entire wall nothing but one big accordion door. For example, if your kitchen has a wall that borders your back yard and porch/patio, or if you have a lanai, you can pull back your accordion glass doors and voila – have an opening that brings the outside in.

Take Advantage of Dead Space

In every home – even well-designed homes – there exists dead space.

Try and take advantage of as much dead space as you possibly can. For example, a staircase often has unused space right above it. Consider adding support beams for a floor right above the stairwell that doubles as a play space for your kids.

Or, add more storage space in your kitchen by installing toe kick drawers. That’s right – these are drawers that actually pull out from toe kick of the cabinet, giving you even more storage for your kitchen items.

Or, consider adding a “book nook” – a small alcove underneath stairs complete with a small couch, pillows, and light to read by. That space underneath your stairs is usually wasted space anyway (unless you use it for storage, which is highly recommended).

You can even do creative things like build wine racks in walls, especially a dividing wall between two rooms that ordinarily isn’t used for anything.

Look for any space in your home that isn’t being utilized for something, and talk to your Bonita Springs remodeling specialist on ways you can maximize it.