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Adding a Sunroom to Your Home | Bonita Springs Remodeling

One popular Bonita Springs remodeling project involves bringing the outdoors into the home: creating a sunroom.

Sunrooms are very popular in Southwest Florida. They bring the sunlight into your home to illuminate and warm the space, a space you can use for relaxing, leisure reading, spending time with your family, entertaining guests, or a host of other terrific things.

Many homes in our area already come with sunrooms, but many do not – which means they’re perfect for Bonita Springs remodeling projects.

Here’s a basic primer on adding a sunroom to your home.

Determine What Kind of Room You Want

A sunroom can come in a lot of different shapes and types, but generally speaking, it’s a standard-sized room that has lots of big, open windows to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the space. They can be added to a family room, can form a transition room between a kitchen and the outdoors, or can even be added to a master suite.

Determine where you’d like the sunroom to be. A northern exposure gives you partial shade through the day and is good for when the weather turns hot.  A southern exposure gives you maximum sunlight (which may be too much for you). An eastern exposure provides great sunlight in the morning, while a western exposure provides the best sunset views.

Then, decide on the details. Do you want a vaulted ceiling? What about the types and sizes of windows? Do you want French doors that open to the backyard?

More importantly, do you want it to be seasonal or year-round? In Southwest Florida, it’s easy to have seasonal sunrooms that are more than adequate for virtually the entire year, thanks to our mild winters. This means you may not have to heat or cool the room.

Choose Your Materials

One of the most important parts of a sunroom is the window. Choosing the right materials for your windows can go a long way in your overall experience.

There are several types of glass you can choose from for your windows. Single-glazed or single-paned windows aren’t recommended for year-round sunrooms, even in Florida, because they aren’t very insulated. Most sunrooms use double or triple-paned glass to prevent heat loss.

You can also choose what is called low emissivity glass, or low-E glass. This glass is coated with metallic oxide layers that permit light to pass through while reflecting heat – which helps you better control the temperature inside your sunroom. In the full brunt of summer, they can help keep your sunroom comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside.

You can also select glass that has argon gas inbetween the panes to act as insulation, which serves much of the same purpose as low-E glass or triple-paned glass.

Work with a Bonita Springs Remodeling Expert

Before you start your project, be sure to contact an expert to help you with the design and implementation. You can build a sunroom yourself, but it’s not recommended unless you have experience in construction. After all, building a sunroom involves the same processes as building a living room, a bedroom, or anything else in a home: it’s a major construction project that is best handled by experts.

Contact us if you want to build or enlarge a sunroom in your home to take advantage of our beautiful weather.