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Building the Perfect Kitchen Island | Bonita Springs Remodeling


What’s the first thing you probably notice about a kitchen when you first see it?

For many people, it’s the kitchen island.

Not every kitchen has an island, but many do – and the trend is to not only have islands, but to make them bigger and better than ever before.

It’s hard to go wrong with a Bonita Springs remodeling project in your kitchen if you focus a lot of time on making the perfect kitchen island. It adds so much to the look, feel, and function of a kitchen to the point where it should be a major point of emphasis during your renovation.

(Plus, they look very impressive and can help add perceived value to your home!)

Here are tips on how you can build the perfect kitchen island for your kitchen.

Determine the Materials


Just like with any part of the kitchen, figure out the materials you’ll use in the construction of the island.

If you have an existing kitchen and are building a new island, you’ll probably use cabinets and countertops like the ones you already have, to create a unified look. This is fine, but it’s not a requirement. Feel free to bring something new in, as long as it fits in with the overall theme of the kitchen.

Butcher-block wood, for example, goes great with a wide variety of finishes. Concrete can also be used with a variety of countertops to complement the scene.

What Functionality Do You Want?

Figure out what kind of functionality you want the kitchen to have.

Do you want it just to be extra counter space? Those are the easiest ones to build. Do you want a sink, perhaps a vegetable sink or even another main sink? That adds versatility to your kitchen and gives you more kitchen prep area.

You can even put in a microwave or an oven into your kitchen to give you even more function. Some have also incorporated wine refrigerators into their islands, as well as additional storage space (which is always needed).

And, as always, you can build a breakfast bar or eating space into the island, complete with room for bar stools or chairs, for more eating space.

Other Bonita Springs Remodeling Considerations


You should also consider how big you want your island to be and where in the kitchen it needs to be placed.

Sometimes, in order to have the island we want, we need to restructure the kitchen and even expand it. It could involve knocking down walls and opening up the kitchen. What works well is taking out a wall and making the kitchen and dining space one flowing, continuous room and having the island serve as a divider of sorts between the two. That way, there is a place to congregate that still gives you an open concept layout that is very appealing.

If you have any Bonita Springs remodeling questions about a kitchen island remodel or any other project, feel free to contact us.