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Creating a Resort-Quality Bathroom | Bonita Springs Remodeling


If you’ve ever been to an elite luxury resort, or to a five-star spa, you’ve probably noticed just how sophisticated and luxurious the bathrooms are.

There’s nothing quite like relaxing for a nice, deep soak, or enjoying a soothing shower in a gorgeous room with the rich touches of the highest quality around you.

With Bonita Springs remodeling, you can replicate the best bathrooms in the world’s top spas, right in your own home.

Here are three suggestions for your next project.

Choose High-End Finishes


All great resort and spa bathrooms have themes. Everything fits with everything else, to create one impression and one look – and they’re all tied together by finishes.

There are so many themes to choose from, that there’s not enough space to list them all here. For example, you can go with dark teak cabinets, bamboo floors, wooden countertops, and floral accent pieces for an exotic, Far Eastern look.

Or, you can go with polished marble floors, light quartz countertops, white cabinets, satin fixtures, and light-colored porcelain or mosaic glass tile throughout for a contemporary, high-end luxury look.

We suggest looking at pictures of bathrooms and spa rooms from magazines and websites to find the right theme – and then plan for it in your room.

Go For a Soak – or Sauna

What is something every spa-goer does at some point? Take a nice, long soak in a tub. Or, they hit the Jacuzzi, or sit in the sauna and relax.

You can go with any of these options. Big soaker tubs have risen in popularity lately, but if you don’t want a soaker tub, consider a Jacuzzi. And if you don’t want a tub at all, consider a shower/sauna combo. You’ll give yourself all the peaceful amenities of a luxury spa from the comfort of your bathroom.

Choose Flattering and Complementary Lighting

Every luxury bathroom needs exemplary lighting. One of the best options is natural lighting. For your Bonita Springs remodeling project, consider creating a bay window in one of your bathrooms to draw in maximum natural light. You can also install skylights or additional windows, such as romantic French casement windows.

If you are restricted on natural light, or want additional touches, use artificial light skillfully. Ambient light creates a romantic and soothing atmosphere, and task lighting, when properly placed, provides illumination that isn’t harsh or distracting. The same goes for carefully-placed accent lights throughout your bathroom.

If you want a luxury, five-star bathroom in your home, consider us for your next Bonita Springs remodeling project!