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Remodeling for Aging Baby Boomers | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Like fine wine, people only get better with age. That is certainly true for America’s current senior generation, the Baby Boomers, who are flocking to Southwest Florida for a well-deserved retirement.

Of course, not all homes are created with Baby Boomers in mind. In fact, many homes are downright unfriendly toward aging Americans. That’s just not what was in mind when they were designed.

Fortunately, through a bit of Bonita Springs remodeling magic, you can take a home and make it more than friendly and accommodating for an aging resident. Here are some tips to get you started.

Let There Be Light!

No one – especially a retiree – wants to live in dark dungeon of a home where there’s little precious light, artificial or natural, to go around.

You can easily change that, though, by remodeling your home so more light fills your rooms and fills out your spaces. This can be as simple as putting in a few floor lamps to installing new lighting, such as spot lighting and recessed lighting. Accent lights are also very helpful – especially for key areas like your favorite reading spot.

More Accessibility

To help aging residents get around, homes should be accommodating, which means having more accessibility.

You can, for example, widen doorways to make them more able to accommodate walkers and other implements. Often, modern doorways are just too narrow for ease of movement. A bit of Bonita Springs remodeling fixes that.

You can also transform a shower into a completely accessible work of art that not only delivers a great experience, but is easy to get in and out of and has plenty of room. In fact, this is easily one of the most popular upgrades we get asked to make.

Forget Stairs; Sleep on the First Floor

Finally, Baby Boomers love ground-floor master bedroom suites because they’re by far more convenient and accessible.

No longer do you have to worry about trudging up and down stairs multiple times a day (and during the middle of the night) to enjoy your master suite. A ground-level master suite has become very popular lately for this reason: it’s far more convenient.

If you have any Bonita Springs remodeling questions, just ask us – we’ll be happy to help!